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Xinda Company Launches the Second Stop of Food Packaging Exhibition, Arriving in Thailand Soon.
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Our first exhibition in 2023 will be held in Russia.Welcome everyone to visit!
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Lets come to visit Imanpack Packaging at K 2022 Show in Dusseldorf
We look forward to meeting you at K 2022 Messe Dusseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2022.This trade fair for Plastic and Rubber is the Nr.1 in the world.
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Characteristics of air cushion packing material
With the continuous development of logistics and express delivery industry, the demand for air cushion packaging materials is gradually increasing. As a new material, it stand out among numerous packaging materials and are widely loved by people. Mainly because it has the following characteristics:1. It has a good absorbing effect on the impact force of goods in transit.
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Advantages and application of air cushion packaging
There are a lot of customers do not know what is air cushion packaging, and many people do not know what advantage it has. Today, We XINDAPAK will briefly introduce the specific advantages of inflatable packaging bags for you.Inflatable air cushion bag is a bag with air buffering performance. When the inflatable bag is used, the inflatable bag covers the product completely.
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World Food Warsaw April 19-21, 2016
World Food Warsaw is the most centrally located food and drink exhibition in Poland. It brings together around 200 local and international producers and brands, providing participants with an invaluable platform to develop their presence in the market.Xinda plastic provide the food packaging bags for all kinds of products.v NY/PE: Frozen foods/ Meat products /Liquid products/ Snacks
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Gesamtverarbeitung und Verpackung 27.-29. September 2016
Total Processing & Packaging (Total Processing & Packaging ) takes place in Birmingham, United Kingdom from 27.09 to 29.09.16 at NEC Birmingham. The Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition has been rebranded as the PPMA Total Show and is now under the sole ownership of the PPMA. The show incorporates three major exhibition brands; PPMA, Pakex and Interphex and takes place every three years in place of that year’s PPMA Show.
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SIAL China May 05-07, 2016
SIAL China (Int'l Food Product Trade Show) takes place in Shanghai, China from 05.05 to 07.05.16 at SNIEC - Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Asia's largest food innovation exhibition.Inspire the Future of Food Business. As the largest food and beverage exhibition in Asia, the 17th edition of SIAL CHINA 2016 will welcome 66,000 visitors and over 2,900 exhibitors from 65 countries.
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Pool SPA Sauna May 13-15, 2016
Industry sectors: Leisure and Hobby. Health and Medicine, Pharmacy. Sporting Goods and EquipmentPool & Spa & Sauna China (China Int'l Pool and Spa and Sauna Technology and Facilities Trade Fair) takes place in Guangzhou, China from 13.05 to 15.05.16 at Poly World Trade Center. Trade show is organized by Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
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Pack and Gift June 15-16, 2016
Shopping bags, Die cut handle bags, Promotional plastic bags are also best selling products from xinda plastic. We doing the customized order, professional design service. Also We have the Gift pack protect product. Air cushion film. Popular in packaging electrical appliances, daily necessities, arts and crafts, cosmetics, high-end furniture and industrial products. See the detail description in
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IranPlast April 13-17, 2016
Including the material xinda plastic using : Polyethylene, Polyamides, Polypropylenes and other raw material. The product xinda plastic making : PE Films (LDPE, HDPE, 3layer co extrusion film, LDPE/HDPE). Air cushion film rolls. Poly bags. FFS heavy duty packaging bags. Customized printed packaging bags. Die cut shopping bags. PA/PE food packaging bags. Vacuum bags. And so on.
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FOOMA June 07-10, 2016
More and more New technology come out and take place of manual work. That’s why we attend the exhibition to learn, We providing the food packaging bags for customer. In recent years, still need amount of single packaging bags for packaging. But in the future, we think will more auto packaging and filling, Need the auto packaging film rolls. Will be more and more convenient for customers.Look around our web to get some inquiry.
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CMEF Spring April 17-20, 2016
China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), founded in 1979, biannually, in experienced 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, has become Asia Pacific region covering medical devices industry chain, set product technology, innovation and service trade, academic exchange, education and learning as one of the industry integrated service platform.
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Chinaplas April 25-28, 2016
Xinda plastic attend the exhibition every year, to learn new technology and improve our product quality. The product we do range from: PE Films (LDPE, HDPE, 3layer co extrusion film, LDPE/HDPE). Air cushion film rolls. Poly bags. FFS heavy duty packaging bags. Customized printed packaging bags. Die cut shopping bags. PA/PE food packaging bags. Vacuum bags. And so on.
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Afro Packaging May 11-14, 2016
Afro Packaging & Food Exhibition (Int'l Packaging and Food Processing Technology Exhibition) takes place in Cairo, Egypt from 11.05 to 14.05.16 at Cairo International Convention and Exhibition centre. Afro packaging & Afro Food Exhibitions’ Main Target is to create suitable industrial environment between the international exhibitors and trade visitors and also to discover new trends for the latest innovations in packaging, food, bakery, confectionery , grain manufacturing technology as well
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Briefly introduce the common bag type of air column bag in logistics transportation
Briefly introduce the common bag types of air column bags in logistics and transportation, and the main purposes of different bag shapes~This bag type is easy to understand. Just like the letter Q, there is no gap that is exposed. The Q-type air bag is also the same. It is actually packaging the product inside, and the whole body of the product is packed in the air column bag. Nothing is exposed, it is really able to achieve 360° without a dead angle for buffer coating.
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To find the better air cushion film, you must understand it’s production process
I think that many people buy some items, especially some delicate and fragile items, there will be a layer of air cushion film in the box to protect products. a lot of people prefer to release pressure by Bursting the bubbles, but do you know how the air cushion film is made?XINDA is an enterprise focusing on buffer film manufacturing, with a professional and perfect buffer film production chain.
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What else are you packing?
E-era brings not only the comprehensive coverage and development of electronic information technology, but also the influence of people's lifestyle. It also leads the change and innovation of all walks of life. Packaging industry is one of the beneficiaries.Choosing the right way of packaging can not only better protect product safety, but also improve customers' shopping experience.
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Air cushion film soul mate,you deserve it
  When the purchase of inflatable products can not keep up with your use speed, when your warehouse has accumulated too many inflatable products of buffer film to pack, when the freight cost of inflatable products of buffer film exceeds your advance,when you are tired to suffocate use a small inflatable cylinder inflate air cushion bag. maybe you can consider to get an air cushion machine.
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A little thought on cushioning, do you know
I believe that when many people open express packages, most of what they see are blank cushion film, and some of them will be printed with the logo of the products they buy, which are often very impressive.Many people may think that printing logo on cushioned packaging makes a big deal out of a big deal and has little profit, but good corporate publicity is an advantageous carrier of brand promotion
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