Briefly introduce the common bag type of air column bag in logistics transportation

Publish Time: 2021-11-05

  Briefly introduce the common bag types of air column bags in logistics and transportation, and the main purposes of different bag shapes~

1, Q type air column bag

  This bag type is easy to understand. Just like the letter Q, there is no gap that is exposed. The Q-type air bag is also the same. It is actually packaging the product inside, and the whole body of the product is packed in the air column bag. Nothing is exposed, it is really able to achieve 360° without a dead angle for buffer coating. Therefore, some actions such as throwing, falling, smashing, and throwing in the logistics will not cause fatal damage to the product. Due to the full coverage of the Q-type air column bag, it is most suitable for packaging fragile and fragile products made of glass bottles, milk powder and the like.

2, L-shaped air bag

  As the name suggests, the L-shaped air column bag is shaped like an L-shaped one, and one side is higher than the other side, and then the space of the air-bag bag can be glued at the time of packaging. This type of air-column bag is suitable for packaging carton. , products such as large items.

3, Two clip-shaped air bag

  As the name implies, it is to cover the two ends of the product. This type of air column bag usually appears on the packaging of electronic products, such as the packaging of the screen of a desktop computer, the packaging of the TV set, summed up, such a gas column bag is suitable for packaging electronic screens. Such expensive and large-sized goods can be easily packaged without using such air-column bags, and will not cause damage to materials. It is safer and more reliable than the previous foam cushioning materials for packaging electronic screens, and is environmentally friendly. It also makes it even taller.

4, Corner protector bag

  The main function of the corner air bag is to protect the edges and corners of the product and reduce material damage.

5, Gasket

  The length of the air column bag can be cut at will. It can be used as a gasket and used for self-wrapping. It has high flexibility, various widths can be customized, and the production line is mass-produced. The size is accurate and can be wrapped around the product, effectively reducing the transportation. damage.


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