IranPlast April 13-17, 2016

Publish Time: 2021-11-05

Int'l Exhibition of Plastics, Rubber, Equipment and Machinery
April 13-17, 2016, Tehran, Iran

Industry sectors:
Plastics, Rubber

IranPlast (Int'l Exhibition of Plastics, Rubber, Equipment and Machinery) takes place in Tehran, Iran from 13.04 to 17.04.16.

Several things Mentioned by Xinda plastic film
1- Raw Materials:
Including the material xinda plastic using : Polyethylene, Polyamides, Polypropylenes and other raw material.
2- Finished & Semi Finished Products:
The product xinda plastic making : PE Films (LDPE, HDPE, 3layer co extrusion film, LDPE/HDPE). Air cushion film rolls. Poly bags. FFS heavy duty packaging bags. Customized printed packaging bags. Die cut shopping bags. PA/PE food packaging bags. Vacuum bags. And so on.
3- Machinery & Equipment:
Xinda plastic have 12 lines of film blowing machine. And 1set of HDPE film blowing machine Made from Taiwan. And many of bag making machines. Including rolling bags making machine, and die cut shopping bag making machine. And 2set of high speed printing machine.
Xinda plastic accept OEM ODM. We have the technical department and doing customized Design service.
The product the making list on the web

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