To find the better air cushion film, you must understand it’s production process

Publish Time: 2021-11-05

  I think that many people buy some items, especially some delicate and fragile items, there will be a layer of air cushion film in the box to protect products. a lot of people prefer to release pressure by Bursting the bubbles, but do you know how the air cushion film is made?

  XINDA is an enterprise focusing on buffer film manufacturing, with a professional and perfect buffer film production chain. So, first of all, let's take a look at XINDA's main buffer film product. Bubble wrap is a widely used buffer film as we all know, almost all products can be protected by this buffer package, It is mainly used to prevent damage of package. And inflatable pillow cushion film is used to fill bags, boxes and other products to maintain the shape of the aesthetic effect, almost all products can be protected with these two cushioned packages.

(air cushion film)

  To produce a high quality buffer film, professional precision equipment is essential.XINDA has 2 imported film blowing machines, 1 high-speed printing machine, 1 bag making machine and a complete set of testing equipment. perfect equipment, meticulous and efficient process level is the guarantee of XINDA product quality. Now XINDA will show the production process in detail, making you more confident and bold to buy our products.

  In the first step, Xinda chooses low-pressure polyethylene plastic particles with reliable safety, good performance and strong stability as the raw materials of buffer film, which lays a foundation for the quality of products. after prepares raw materials, so that the film blowing operation process can begin. During the operation of the machine, workers will carefully read the production process sheet, check information, prepare tools and check equipment, and strictly comply with the operation requirements of the film blower.

(film blowing machine)

  Secondly, after blowing, we will conduct self-inspection of the finished film. Generally, we will measure the tensile force, tensile strength, elongation at break, friction coefficient, and whether the surface of the film is damaged or not, and then turn to the next process after qualified.

  The third step is to print the logo of qualified film products according to customer's requirements. of course, during the process there will be quality control personnel for printing press inspection and quality control.

(printing machine )

  The fourth step, the printing is completed and the bag can be made, workers preset the speed, length, temperature, counting, delivery of finished products and other parameters of the bag-making machine to prevent mistakes in the bag-making process.

(bag machine)

  Finally, after all the procedures and strict quality control of the buffer film is completed, and then multi-protective packaging, the finished product can be smoothly and intact to the customer.


  Have you got the production process of XINDA buffer film? We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the future.


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