Air Column Film Rolls/(5 columns) L type bag

  • Green environmental protection
  • Efficient buffer
  • Intimate caress
  • Customized Logo
1.Provide long time storage and transportation without leakage of air shock protection, strong and durable, high air tightness
2.Q-shaped design and high quality self - sealing air valve completely coated products, excellent buffer effect
3. Environmental protection polyethylene raw material, no pollution, moisture-proof environmental protection
4. Low cost, time and labor saving
5. Widely used, beautiful appearance, improve product grade and company image

Physical specifications

  1. High quality co-extrusion barrier original film, durable, high air tightness
  2. Good shockproof and buffering effect, more guaranteed protection performance, L-shaped design intimate care products
  3. Environmental protection polyethylene raw material, can be recycled
  4. Save storage space, reduce packaging process, save manpower
  5. Corporate image more perfect, strengthen consumer goodwill

product parameters

Shape Material Thickness Columns Bag Size Unit Film Color Package Carton Size
M T(um) W*L(cm) Pcs/Carton
L bag PE+PA 55um 5 18*23 Pcs Transparency 1000 22*28*34
L bag PE+PA 55um 10 33*42 Pcs Transparency 1000 37*46*34
Q bag PE+PA 55um 6 21*28 Pcs Transparency 1000 25*32*34
Q bag PE+PA 55um 7 24*37 Pcs Transparency 1000 40*28*22
Q bag PE+PA 55um 14 45*43 Pcs Transparency 1000 50*48*34
Q bag PE+PA 55um 13 42*51 Pcs Transparency 1000 46*55*32

structural representation

Advantages of Air column bag


Considerate design,each air column can protect your goods,if one of the air column is broken, it will not affect the overall packaging and anti-shock effect.


The product bearing capacity is super good,and it can withstand the weight of an adult.


The product adopts reverse check valve design,no need to seal after filling,can be used directly


The product is completely flat before filling,does not occupy space, and is convenient for storage management.

Supporting machinery

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Product Inquiry


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